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Citizenship and equality for all people with learning disabilities

The Ideas Collective is a group who want to make sure that the values and ideas that were in policies like Valuing People carry on.

We want people with learning disabilities to be able to:

  • Live as equal citizens in communities that welcome them 
  • Get  their  human and legal rights  
  • Get the same chances in life like education, paid work, a decent and safe place to live 
  • Have good relationships, including with their families who get good support too. 

We work together to share ideas on how these things can happen even though policies and how money is organised are changing.

The Ideas Collective is a network of people and organisations. We have started talking and working together because we want to share our skills and experiences to make a difference. We want to come up with ways for how policy, society and services can change so that all people with learning disabilities have the same rights and choices as other people